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I have a good job in a company I love. So why am I starting an online business? I've come to realize that despite having a good job with a 6 figure salary, I am not completely happy with my life. There are a couple of key things I lack:

  1. Free time to spend with my loved ones.
  2. Money to spend on improving our current and future lives.

There are a few ways I could approach filling these gaps but with a traditional job 1. and 2. are at odds with one another so I can either free more time but make less money, or, I can spend more time to make more money. Spending more time to make more money usually means working longer hours at an existing job, or taking on another job to supplement your income. Another approach, and the approach that I'm going to take, is to invest a small amount of time and money to build something that will eventually bring a high return on that investment. I'm not talking about getting rich quick. I'm talking about building a business that requires some hard work and time to build, but pays me back at a rate that is much, much higher than I'd ever get in a job.

Like most people, I have a job. In that job I trade my time for money. When I do well at my job I produce value for the company, the company produces value for it's customers, customers pay the company, and the company pays me. But in order to turn a profit the company must pay me an order of magnitude less than the value it produces.

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An aha! moment


In mid-summer of 2021 I was approached by a former colleague and mentor of mine about an opportunity. The company he works for needed a team leader to join them after some restructuring. My friend thought that I would be a good fit for the role and set up some meetings to see how the fit would be. I wasn't looking for a new job but I thought I'd go through the interview process, talk with my potential future boss and team and see how it went. For the first time in a long while I needed to think about what I wanted from a career which ultimately made me think about what I want in life.

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